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Welcome to the "Embassy of The Republic of Yemen New Delhi" Website which will Ali Abdullah Salehprovide you full information about Yemen ( Tourism , Economics , Economics , Geography and History) as well you can find all the requirements to get the Yemeni visa . The Embassy of The Republic of Yemen New Delhi announce that government fully committed in supporting   investments activities like (Oil exploration , fishing , construction , power generation communication and more fields) . Benefits to invest in Yemen includes: liberal investment laws, tax free zones, low wages, strategic commercial location, and an active local market. don't hesitate to contact us on our contact details mentioned here hope that you spend nice time surfing our site .

Embassy of  The Republic of Yemen 
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for any query we are available on info@yemeninindia.com thank you | Vote for Socotra Island to be one of the New7 Wonders of Nature

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Socotra is one of the most isolated landforms on Earth of continental origin (i.e., not of volcanic origin). The archipelago was once part of the supercontinent of Gondwana and detached during the Middle Pliocene (ca 6 million years ago), in the same set of rifting events that opened the Gulf of Aden to its northwest.
The archipelago consists of the main island of Socotra (3,625 km² or 1,400 sq mi), three smaller islands known collectively as "the Brothers" — Abd al Kuri, Samhah, Darsa — and other uninhabitable rock outcrops.
The main island has three geographical terrains: the narrow coastal plains, a limestone plateau permeated with karstic caves, and the Haghier Mountains. The mountains rise to 5,000 feet (1,525 m). The island is a little over 80 miles (130 km) long east to west and typically 18-22 miles (30-35 km) north to south.
The climate is generally tropical desert, with rainfall being light, seasonal (winter) and more abundant at the higher ground in the interior than along the coastal lowlands. The monsoon season brings strong winds and high seas.