Welcome to Yemen

    The old Arabic legends and even the Yemenis say that AL-YAMAN derives from the word AL-YUMN (blessing and prosperity). This meaning agrees with the name "Arabia Felix". Others say the classification AL-YAMAN derives from yumna (right from the Kaaba...).

The Arabs orientate themselves towards the right direction, because the right side is a symbol of fortune. Still some Yemenis always express with the word "AL-SHAM" the North and with AL-YAMAN the South. Today the Yemen is called "Republic of Yemen". Since ancient times Yemen has enchanted travelers, merchants, philosophers and kings with its secrets and its wealth. This country in the south-west corner of the Arabian Peninsula fascinates every visitor with the variety and the contrasts of the vegetation, landscape, the architecture and the people:

Gigantic mountains with villages like fortresses on the top of the peaks 
Picturesque urban settlements with houses of clay, bricks and stone 
Deserts and fertile valleys, magnificent terraces and dreamlike beaches 
Colorful markets with the sounds, fragrances, and faces from 1001 Nights


When you visit Yemen child-dreams become to a personal experience. You will meet the old wisdom and the art of the Land of the Queen of Sheba everywhere – in the antique ruins, in the mosques and on the facades of the houses. The old history and rich tradition of the Yemeni people are the sources of their identity, dignity, kindness and hospitality.
We are pleased to invite you! Enjoy with us this majestic country!


Anyone who likes adventure, culture, sport and recreation is WELCOME!


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