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     Yemen country in the Middle East ,occupying the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula Arabia Tall mountains divide Yemen’s coastal stretches from a desolate desert interior. Yemen is sparsely populated-half of the country is uninhabitable-and its Arab people are largely rural.The site of several prosperous civilizations in ancient times, Yemen declined in importance and was a poor and forgotten land for more than a thousand years.
     The discovery of oil in the area in the late 20th century held out the prospect of economic development and an easier life for the people of Yemen .
        The Republic of Yemen was created in 1990 out of the unification of the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY).The YAR was commonly called North Yemen, and the PDRY was generally referred to as South Yemen, although South Yemen was actually less to the south than to the east and southeast of North Yemen. Sana‘a (Sanaa) is the Republic of Yemen’s capital and largest city .                        
     Yemen is bounded on the west by the Red Sea and on the south by the Gulf of Aden (an arm of the Arabian Sea , which is part of the Indian Ocean , and is separated from Africa by the narrow strait of Bab el Mandeb . To the north and northeast lies Saudi Arabia and to the east is Oman ; these two countries are Yemen’s only contiguous neighbors. Yemen covers about 527,970 sq km (about 203,850 sq mi). 

Official Name: Republic of Yemen

        Yemen, officially the Republic of Yemen, re-unified on the 22nd of May,1990 (one of the most important Yemeni National Days). Before the unification, Yemen had been divided into two parts, North Yemen and South Yemen. The Republic of Yemen is a democratic country. The people of Yemen are the possessors and the source of legitimacy and power, which they execute directly through referendum and elections. It is a constitutional State; its governmental system is founded on the basis of the pluralism with three powers, judicial, legislative and executive.

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Capital City : Sana'a

Main Cities : Sana'a , Aden (The main horber for the free zone), Taiz , Hodidah , Mukala.

Population : The Population of Yemen is 21.0 million in 2005

Languages : Arabic is the official language and English is the second language .

Religion : Islam is the official religion .

Time zone : G.M.T + 3 hours.

Currency : Yemeni Rial (YR) , Visitors can exchange the currencies in banks and exchange establishments see .

Universities : There are 5 major public universities : Sana'a University , Aden University , Taiz University , Hodidah University and Hadramout University .

Entry ports and Places :

It is possible to enter the Republic of Yemen through all international airports of Sana’a, Aden, Al Hodeidah, al Rayan and Taiz. You can also inter through the main seaports : , Aden port (the free Zone and it is the biggest port in Yemen) ,Al Hodeidah on the Red Sea, Al Mokha on the Red Sea and Al Mukala on the Arabian Sea. It is possible to enter to Yemen through land entries, such as Haradh and Al Buqa’a in the North ( from Saudi Arabia 's borders) and Hadnut in the East (from Oman's borders).

Airports :

Sana’a International Airport (15 km to the north of Sana’a city. There are also international and domestic airports in : Taiz, Aden, Riyan, Seyun, Hodeidah, Al Ghadah, and Socotra Island.

Land and Resources:

Yemen is a largely desert land. There are no permanent rivers in the country, and little natural vegetation besides scrub brush. Yemen possesses several sizable islands, most notably Socotra in the Indian Ocean, Perim, in the Bab el Mandeb, and , and Kamaran and the Hanīsh Islands in the Red Sea. The rectangular Arabian plate, which defines the Arabian Peninsula, is tilted and Yemen constitutes its uppermost corner. The edge of this corner takes the form of a steep, jagged mountain range that separates a low coastal plain (west and south of the mountains) from a high interior plateau (east and north of the mountains).